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The FAQs About On-Hold Messages

Why do I need an on-hold message?

Well, if you've taken the time to come this far, chances are good that you already know the answer to this one. Just in case, though, studies have shown that a caller listening to an on-hold message is much more apt to remain patient and stay on the line. Also, if properly done, an on-hold message is a tremendous tool by which to market your company. It provides a very inexpensive opportunity to reach a very captive audience - a caller on-hold. In addition, on-hold messaging can be a great means for projecting a more professional image of your company. We can make a small company sound like a Fortune 500 company, and a large company sound personable and familiar. And surveys show that 80% of callers would rather hear a professional on-hold message rather than a radio station or total silence.

Why not just use a radio?

Because it's illegal, for one thing. Playing a radio on-hold is considered a rebroadcast of a radio station's programming and is protected by copyright laws. But secondly, how do you know that the radio station you've selected plays the music your callers want to hear? Maybe, while they're on-hold, your callers may even hear commercials for your competition! And why subject them to obnoxious DJs, static, music they can't stand, or annoying commercials when they could be listening to a professional and informative message about your organization?

Isn't on-hold messaging expensive?

Not with Marketing Solutions. We only charge $345.00 for a single message production and we have packages available where the cost can be as low as $155 per production. And this includes all the scriptwriting, voice talents, audio engineering, and royalties for the background music. There are no monthly fees to pay, and no long-term commitments. Please see OUR PRICING for more information.

Who writes the script?

We do. In fact, we do everything. Nothing could be more simple. We base the script on a comprehensive questionnaire about your company along with any other information you'd like to provide us. Of course we don't take the production into the studio until you approve the script, thus ensuring that it's exactly to your liking before any recording is done.

How do I get the message to play into my phone system?

Most phone systems have a message or music on-hold port in which you can patch a player. We recommend a digital player like the one we provide from Eletech. Learn more about it here.

What if I don't have a phone system?

For 2, 3, or 4-line telephones, you'll need an adaptor which will allow you to patch a player into the phone line. We recommend an adaptor such as the one shown here from Skutch Electronics . More information can be found at or by calling them at 916-786-6186.

Do I have to pay for the royalties on the background music?

Nope. Marketing Solutions pays all the royalties and copyright fees on the music used in your on-hold message.

What if I want to change message productions from time to time?

In that case we recommend that you take advantage of our economical package pricing. A package of 4 productions only costs $195.00 per production and a package of 8 productions only costs $155.00 per production. This way you can change productions regularly and provide new information to your callers. For more information, see our RATES

What if I have multiple locations?

Then you may be able to take advantage of our pricing. On-Hold Messaging can be very economical for large companies with many national account locations. Please contact us for a custom proposal.

How can I hear samples of your message productions?

Listen to a couple samples right now by clicking here. (wma file)

How do I get started?

Nothing could be easier. To get the script questionnaire necessary for us to begin writing your on-hold script, just fill out the form on the Gettting Started page. Before you know it, your callers will be hearing a professionally recorded on-hold message!
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