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Marketing Solutions makes On-Hold Messaging EASY!
How It Works
Most companies spend untold time and energy carefully cultivating the image they want their companies to have. They also spend untold dollars on marketing and advertising to get people to call their companies. And then, almost as if to intentionally sabotage both objectives, they keep their callers on-hold listening to a radio station with static or an obnoxious DJ (or both), music that nobody can stand, or - here in the 21st century, mind you - nothing at all.

It's a headscratcher. Especially since we make On-Hold Messaging so easy. Our team of professional scriptwriters will create your on-hold message exactly to your liking. Then, recording is done in our professional sound studios with your choice of male or female (or both) voice talent. You get to pick the background music of your choice from our extensive music library and our professional audio engineers will mix together your fully-customized message. It's just that easy!

And at MARKETING SOLUTIONS we provide your message in CD format for the highest quality sound available.* No expensive "digital" playing equipment is required! Just plug a normal CD player into th music-on-hold port of your phone system and our CD does the rest - informing and entertaining your customers on-hold twenty-four hours a day!

The best part of all is our rates. Click HERE for more information.
*Formats other than CD are available at no extra charge.
On-Hold Messaging
Q: Is On-Hold Messaging by Marketing Solutions an effective image tool, or a clever marketing device?

A: The truth is that as an effective way to enhance and refine your company's image, as well as a way to directly appeal to your target market like no other form of advertising, On-Hold Messaging by Marketing Solutions is both an effective image tool and a clever marketing device.

Listen To A Sample!
Listen to a Sample On-Hold Message
Click HERE to listen to a couple samples of actual messages we've done for our clients. (Requires Windows Media Player).
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Getting Started
It's easy! Based on a simple, yet comprehensive, 2-page questionnaire, our scriptwriters will produce your script. No studio recording is done until you give complete approval thus ensuring that your on-hold message is exactly to yourGet Started! >> liking. Click here and

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