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On-Hold Messages- Fast, Easy, Affordable Way to Keep Your Clients on the Phone!

Digital Technology at an Economical Price!

Marketing Solutions recommends the Eletech DP-600 for most on-hold applications. This user-friendly unit, available through us, is a simple, digital MP3 player that hooks right into most phone systems. There are no moving parts and there is no maintenance required. Your production comes pre-loaded into the DP-600. For future productions, we just email you the production as an MP3. A simple USB cable (included) allows you to load the production from your computer right into the unit. Quick and simple. And the best part is the price.
Just $99.00 delivered!


On-Hold Messaging
Q: Is On-Hold Messaging by Marketing Solutions an effective image tool, or a clever marketing device?

A: The truth is that as an effective way to enhance and refine your company's image, as well as a way to directly appeal to your target market like no other form of advertising, On-Hold Messaging by Marketing Solutions is both an effective image tool and a clever marketing device.

Listen To A Sample!
Listen to a Sample On-Hold Message
Click HERE to listen to a couple samples of actual messages we've done for our clients. (Requires Windows Media Player).
Windows Media Player
Getting Started
It's easy! Based on a simple, yet comprehensive, 2-page questionnaire, our scriptwriters will produce your script. No studio recording is done until you give complete approval thus ensuring that your on-hold message is exactly to yourGet Started! >> liking. Click here and

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