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Corporate Identity Package
Your identity. It's the only thing you've really got.
Simply put, how you present your company to your prospective customers will make or break you. And, although it's a cliche, it's true: you've got one chance to make a first impression. What will yours be? Memorable and strong? Or commonplace and weak?

At Marketing Solutions, we understand the importance of first impressions. We're a team of artists, designers, marketers, and idea people. And we can help you make the impression you want to make, just like we've helped hundreds of other companies.

Your Identity.

The Marketing Solutions Corporate Identity Package: $1950.
A unique approach to Branding Packages

Our popular package starts with designing your logo and includes our unique approach of employing a minimum of three different artists to each contribute several designs each. You'll have a variety of different ideas from differing perspectives from which to choose. From there, we just keep working until you're satisfied. It's just that simple. We don't stop until we've arrived at the logo you want. We know we cost a little more because of this approach, but we can't imagine providing something so important in any less a fashion.

Once the logo is designed, we'll use it to design your letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. We'll even provide you with several ideas for a captivating slogan.

Get Started Today!

Contact us today to get started. If you're anywhere in the Tampa Bay area, a consultation with us is always free, and we'll come to you at a time of your convenience. Meanwhile, feel free to browse around our site to learn more about us, and check out our logo portfolio right here.


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