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About Your Image

Often times we get too close to what we do to see ourselves as others see us. How does your business look to the outside world? How does it look to your existing customers? How does it look to prospective customers?

What kind of a statement is your company really making with its current image? Want to find out?

Your image. It's too important to guess at. Get an outsiders viewpoint, and see what the outside world sees.

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Public Relations

Image Consulting Package Just $1775!

Popular Package Includes:
  • Creation and implementation of in-depth survey of existing customer base
  • Complete analysis of your current marketing materials
  • Complete analysis of your current Web presence
  • Critique of your facility's physical appearance - lobby, signage, offices, etc.
  • Secret shopping to evaluate your staff's sales and customer service skills
  • Identification of critical stumbling blocks through comprehensive interviews
    of employees and senior staff members
  • Detailed report of Conclusions and Recommendations

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