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Case Study: Anglin Medical / Anglin Wellness

Dr. Mickel Anglin was opening up a new practice. We couldn’t help him with the bricks and the mortar, but we could help him with a lot of other things.

Identity: Brainstorming x 3

First off, Dr. Anglin needed an identity. A brand. All he had when he called us was a name: “Anglin Medical.” So we went to work designing a logo. As is our standard practice, we enlisted three of our artists to each contribute ideas. The first round of potential logos looked like this:

Identity: Logo Finalization

After some revising and tweaking based on the doctor’s input, we came up with his new logo:


Identity: Print Material

From this, we were able to then design his letterhead, envelopes, and business cards:

Now he had a look. Something tangible that he could use on all his marketing and business materials, from brochures to fliers to the sign outside the door.

Virtual Identity: The Corporate Web Presence

Next, Dr. Anglin needed a web presence. And so we put together this:

Anglin Medical. Family and Sports Medicine

We designed it from scratch, based on a general outine of what he felt he needed to say about his practice online. We created the concept, we found just the right photography, and we even wrote the text.

Marketing: Direct Mail

Dr. Anglin wanted to drive people to his website and felt that a direct mail campaign to local residents might be a good way to do that. We agreed. So we put together a postcard for him:

Anglin Medical Postcard

We couldn’t help him when the patients started coming to his office. We’re not doctors, after all. But we could get them there. And we have ways to make sure that if they need his service again, they’ll come back to him. And we’ve got other ways we can help his patient list grow. At Marketing Solutions, that’s what we do!

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